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Goryeo Celadon Covered Box with Marble Knead Design

Goryeo Celadon Covered Box with Marble Knead Design

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Period : Goryeo Dynasty,Korea(918 - 1392) / 12C

Size : H3.5cm W6.3cm

A kneaded Covered Box made during the Goryeo dynasty.
This technique was introduced from China, where two types of clay with brown tints were mixed.
In the case of the Goryeo period, three types of clay - celadon clay, white clay, and red clay - were used, and a nearly transparent celadon glaze was applied before firing.
This gives it a beautiful marble-like pattern with clearly separated white, gray, and black colors.
When viewed from the side, it has an angular abacus shape, divided into an upper and lower part, and a shallow cavity inside where cosmetics can be placed.
The covered box, which can be viewed from various angles on the inside bottom, particularly highlights the beauty of kneaded porcelain.
When different types of clay are mixed, the shrinkage rate changes, making it difficult to create ceramics that can be divided, and the opening is a little loose, but this is also a characteristic of kneaded porcelain.
The edges of the base and lid leave stone nail marks.
Goryeo kneaded boxes are prone to cracking when fired when different types of clay are used, so examples are limited to small pieces, and covered boxes in particular are rare.
Although the size is different, similar items are so rare that they are even stored in museums.

There is a small chip on the edge of the lid.Although the surface is slightly aged, it has a good luster.

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