About our shop

The official antique shop of the virtual museum of old pottery.

SANKA is an ec store that sells oriental old pottery mainly from China and the Korean Peninsula.

Become an official antique shop operated by a TOUJI GRAPHICA virtual museum of old pottery.
We sell certified high-quality old pottery.


The virtual museum was established to study ceramics from China, the Korean Peninsula, and Japan, and to have everyone enjoy looking at them and use them as reference materials.

We carefully select items to be valuable materials, take photographs without leaving anything, and publish them as a gallery.

The items displayed in the museum are very rare and difficult to sell, but there are many other very good ceramics that I have collected for research.
There are many other very good ceramics that I have collected for research, and we sell them in our shop.

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I want good things in the hands of those who want them.

We are a group of researchers, and we own a lot of ceramics.
When I finished researching ceramics, I put them away and seldom saw them.
We started to feel that it would be a waste if we only had good things, so we decided to sell them online like this.
I would like to show you not only the bowls and bottles you see in museums, but also ceramics in unusual shapes such as figurines and water droplets.

SANKA's commitment as an ec store

Buying antique ceramics online has become more popular than in the past, but I think there are still concerns.

I'm worried about whether it matches my imagination

I'm worried about scratches and conditions

I want to judge whether it is fake or genuine

At our store, we have implemented three things to eliminate such concerns and make purchases with peace of mind.

1. Easy-to-understand photos, lots of them

There are at least 15 photos of ceramics per item, and 30 if there are more.

It is posted in a high resolution of 2048px in height and width, which is sufficient for viewing on the Internet.
I can show you a higher resolution if you contact me.

In addition, we will shoot from various angles such as horizontal, oblique, bird's-eye view, and close-up.
And I will definitely photograph the rim, bottom, glaze, clay, and flaws, and publish all the information about the ceramics in the form of photographs.

In particular, the bottom, clay, and glaze are important elements for appraising the period, so I will not hide them.

<For those who want higher resolution photos>
Due to the problem of data capacity, we post photos of 2048px vertically and horizontally on the web, but the shooting itself is done in even higher resolution.
If you wish, we can also send you individual high-resolution photos.
The size depends on the photo, but it will be about 4000px to 6000px in height and width. Please feel free to contact us.

Describe the characteristics of ceramics in sentences

We always post information about our products in writing.
If there is no explanation, it is possible that the product is not well understood.
From general product information such as dimensions, to the appearance and condition of the ceramics that cannot be conveyed through photographs, we always communicate in writing.

Accept inquiries about item

We accept detailed inquiries about all products.
Please feel free to contact us if you can't understand just the photos and text.

I want you to enlarge a part of the product and take a picture.
I want a higher resolution photo of the item.
I want you to measure the length of the specified part of the item.
i want to know the weight.
I want you to compare two items.
I would like to know more about the features of the item.

We will do our best to accommodate even the above detailed inquiries.

For inquiries, we accept inquiries on LINE as well as the inquiry form.
If you use LINE, you can feel free to ask questions in a chat format, so it is recommended.

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