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Joseon Dynasty White Porcelain Round Shape Water Dropper

Joseon Dynasty White Porcelain Round Shape Water Dropper

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Period : Late Joseon Dynasty(1392 - 1897),Korea

Size : H3.6cm W10.3cm

Celadon water dropper made in the Late Joseon Dynasty.
A water dropper was prized by writers in Korea as a tool for pouring small amounts of water onto inkstones during calligraphy.
Because of its high degree of freedom in shape, a wide variety of designs and many elaborate shapes are created, but simple white porcelain like this one is also one of the most popular designs due to its beauty.
It has a round shape, and when viewed from the side it has an oval shape.
A curved cylindrical spout is attached to the side, adding interest to the simple design.
There is a water inlet at the top, but it is somewhat disappointing that it is blocked by the glaze.
However, water can be added through the spout.
The white porcelain glaze has a slight grayish-blue tinge, giving it a refreshing feel, and the glossy glaze surface has a distinct crackle-glazed finish.
The crackle-glazed pattern looks like a clockwise whirlpool along the surface of the vessel, and some of the clay comes out, creating a nice view.
The bottom has rounded corners, and the single-stage groove is glazed, and the surface where it is placed in the kiln is exposed and slightly burnt.
This is a representative design of Joseon dynasty water dropper, but the simple white porcelain is in good condition and is surprisingly rare to find on the market.

Comes with a wooden storage box.There are chips on the bottom, but it is considered to be from the old days.It has good luster throughout and is in good condition.

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