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Seto ware Yellow Glaze Tenmoku Tea Bowl

Seto ware Yellow Glaze Tenmoku Tea Bowl

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Period : Azuchi-Momoyama Period(1573 – 1603),Japan

Size : H4.9cm W14.8cm

Seto ware tenmoku tea bowl made during the Momoyama period
This is a product from Oroshi kiln, one of the Seto kilns.
It's a raised bottom with a bulge in the center, and it goes a little inside.
The inner base is also slightly raised, the body gently arches while the abdomen expands, rises at the top, and the edges of the mouth are slightly curved.
The shape of the mouth is not a perfect circle, but rather an oval.
The short bowl itself is a shape that dates back to medieval unglazed pottery.
This shape is said to be suitable for summer tea ceremonies, as it has a wide mouth and allows tea to cool easily.
The yellow glaze applied throughout is mainly composed of ash glaze and also contains a small amount of iron.
As a result, due to the kiln change phenomenon, a pattern of vertical stripes similar to Jian ware's Fur Glaze appears, and the black glaze deposits created by the iron shine glossily.
This black glaze pool flares around the raised inner bottom and appears all around the outer surface along the steps, creating a landscape.
Where the yellow glaze on the outside is not applied, a different, less lustrous brown glaze is applied in a thin layer, and the white clay is only partially exposed on the elevated platform.
This tea glaze is thought to be used to prevent moisture from penetrating and damage during firing.
After applying a brown glaze, a yellow glaze is applied, and some of the borders are mixed to create a different scenery.
There are traces of the potter's fingers during the application of the glaze on the outside brown glaze, and three marks on the bottom where stones were placed and fired.

There are two tiny chip in the rim.There is a gold restoration on the rim of the mouth, but some of the gold has peeled off and there are chips and steps.There is another place on the rim where a crack or chip has been glued.It is in good condition with a moist luster overall.

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