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Goryeo Celadon Bowl

Goryeo Celadon Bowl

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Period : Goryeo Dynasty,Korea(918 - 1392)

Size : H8.3cm、W18.2cm

This is a celadon bowl made at the end of the Goryeo period.
Ceramics using celadon glaze were hardly large even during the Yi dynasty, and this piece is large at about 18 cm, so it is thought to date from the late Goryeo period.
Celadon from the Goryeo period was an aristocratic culture, with a uniform, elegant and precise shape, and gorgeous decorations such as inlays and carved.
However, towards the end of the Goryeo period, the method of making Buncheong ware, which was popular during the joseon dynasty, began to be used, resulting in irregular shapes like the one shown here.
The bowl is shaped like a large bowl, but the rim is slightly uneven with a slanted rim.
The glaze has also been applied unevenly, and there are uneven colors due to pools of glaze and tear marks where the glaze has run off, and there are stone chips here and there.
This creates an interesting scenery, and the taste is different from the neat celadon of the mid-Goryeo period.
The flat bottom is covered with crushed stones, which is a characteristic of Buncheong ware.
This is an item that can be felt as the end of Goryeo celadon, whose number decreased as it moved to Buncheong ware and white porcelain.

**This is a special item that is also listed in the TOUJI GRAPHICA Virtual Museum.(Link

A cover is included. (There is one repair on the bottom.)
It comes with a storage box and is written as "Joseon Dynasty", but as mentioned above, it is thought to be from the end of the Goryeo period.
There are cracks on the bottom that were created during firing, but they do not penetrate to the inside.
It has good luster throughout and is in good condition.

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