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Southern Song Dynasty Guan ware Yellow-colored Celadon Censer with Fish Handle

Southern Song Dynasty Guan ware Yellow-colored Celadon Censer with Fish Handle

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Period : Song dynasty,China(960 - 1279)

Size : H7.4cm W13.6cm

A celadon incense Censer in the Southern Song Dynasty Guan ware.
It has a high bottom, a bulging body, and widening outwards at the rim.
This shape, which has two fish ears on the body, became popular during the Song Dynasty and was introduced to Japan.
The fish ears are a little omitted, but you can see the mouth and tail, and it looks like a humberhead shark with a large head.
It is made of thick black clay typical of Southern Song Guan kilns, and the whole is covered with a yellowish celadon glaze.
This celadon glaze is oxidized and fired to give it a yellowish tinge, and is called rice-colored celadon.
Perhaps due to the enveloping shape, oxygen is not supplied to the inner bottom, which results in reduction firing and a green color, allowing you to enjoy two different glaze colors.
The bottom is narrow and the glaze is applied to the inside of the platform, making it a delicate work typical of the Southern Song Guan ware.

There is some fading on the surface, which appears evenly and neatly throughout, and there is some clay seeping out from the large crackle-glazed area, but these two things work together to give it a nice texture.

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