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Qing Dynasty Ru-ware-like White Glaze Bottle with Two Cylinder Ears

Qing Dynasty Ru-ware-like White Glaze Bottle with Two Cylinder Ears

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Period : Qing Dynasty,China(1616 - 1912)

Size : H16.2cm W8.9cm

A bottle made in Jingdezhen ware during the Qing Dynasty.
The body is round and swollen, narrowing at the neck and expanding into a trumpet shape toward the mouth.
There are two cylinder ears on the neck, like a boundary line, running around the top and bottom, and two cylindrical ears between them.
This shape was often used as a bottle during the Song Dynasty.
During the Qing Dynasty, ceramics were produced that admired and imitated the Ru ware.
Ru ware is famous for its celadon glaze, but there were other types of white glazed ceramics as well.
This ceramic is an attempt to reproduce that white glaze, and like the characteristics of the Ru ware, it is a thin glaze that is devitrified, slightly opalescent, and glassy.
This glaze has a slightly warm glaze color and is thinly and carefully applied, so that the edges of the obi, mouth, and ears are beautifully transparent due to the difference in thickness.
There is a light orange crackle-glazed color throughout.
This creates a change in the white glaze, which tends to be monotonous.
On the bottom, we have reproduced the five tiny nail marks that are similar to those found in the ru ware.

There is no conspicuous flaws.It is in good condition with a moist luster overall.

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