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Qing Dynasty Ru-ware-like Red Glaze Tea Bowl and Stand with Chrysanthemum Design

Qing Dynasty Ru-ware-like Red Glaze Tea Bowl and Stand with Chrysanthemum Design

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Period : Qing Dynasty,China(1616 - 1912)

Size : H10.5cm W14.9cm(Cup H6.5cm W9.2cm/Stand H4.5cm W14.9cm)

Tea bowl and Stand made in the Jingdezhen ware during the Qing Dynasty.
The combination of the tea bowl and the stand on which the bowl is placed is a type of vessel that was often created during the tea culture that was popular in the Northern Song Dynasty.
During the Qing Dynasty, ceramics were produced that admired and imitated the Ru kiln.
Ru ware are famous for their celadon glazes, but they also produce red glaze ceramics, and this ceramic is an attempt to reproduce that red glaze.
Like celadon glaze, the red glaze produced by Ru ware is devitrified, slightly milky white, and has a thin, glassy quality, and this item has the same characteristics.
The moist and glossy red glaze is not flashy and is close to pink, and the crackle-glazed has a thin and subdued glaze tone.
The body of the tea bowl is decorated with a total of 18 lotus petals, six in three rows.
There are four large lotus petals on the bottom side of the stand.
The glaze is applied so thinly that the clay is slightly transparent, and the corners and steps appear three-dimensionally, giving it a unique sex appeal.
It is very elaborately made, and you can feel the high level of technology of the Qing Dynasty from the rim and bottom of the bowl, where the black clay is visible, and the seat of the stand, which is neatly cut.
Inside the bottom, there is a seal stamped, which is probably a copy of the seal from the Northern Song Dynasty, but it is very elaborate and worth seeing.

There is no conspicuous flaws.It is in good condition with a moist luster overall.

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