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Joseon Dynasty Under-Glaze Iron Porcelain Water Dropper with Haetae-shaped

Joseon Dynasty Under-Glaze Iron Porcelain Water Dropper with Haetae-shaped

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Period : Joseon Dynasty(1392 - 1897),Korea / 18-19C

Size : H8.2cm W4.6 - 7cm

A Water Dropper burned during the late Joseon Dynasty.
It is a mythical beast called Haetae, which is unique to Korea, and was worshiped as a god who protects justice and wards off fires and disasters.
As a guardian deity, it has been used in palace buildings and water droplets associated with water.
It is a sitting figure with four legs, and although it is roughly shaped, it captures the appearance of the legs and face.
Haetae have a characteristic flat snout, with holes around it for water to drain.
A technique is used in which iron pigment is applied to the entire surface and a transparent glaze is applied from above.
Iron pigment is applied to the bottom, but transparent glaze is not applied.
The area around the eyes, holes on the back, and tail are colored with white glaze.
The shading of the iron sand, which is not a glaze, emphasizes the rugged texture, making it look like a monster from a Japanese movie.
Although it is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, it is surprisingly heavy and can be carried in a heavy manner.

There is some peeling of the glaze around the right foot. There is also some small glaze peeling here and there.

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