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Goryeo Dynasty Celadon Cylindrical Tea Bowl with Inlaid Crane Design

Goryeo Dynasty Celadon Cylindrical Tea Bowl with Inlaid Crane Design

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Period : Goryeo Dynasty,Korea(918 - 1392)

Size : H7.8cm W7.4cm

A celadon tea bowl made during the Goryeo period.
A pattern of cranes and leaves is drawn on the surface using inlay.
A famous example of standing cranes is the ``Gohon Tatsuru Tea Bowl,'' which was produced during the Edo period (Joseon Dynasty), but the cranes were drawn with lines.
This item is even older and dates back to the Goryeo period, and is very rare as it features a clearly drawn crane in the Goryeo period design.
The cylindrical tea bowl is slightly constricted in the middle of the torso, rounded at the waist, and smoothly connected to the bottom.
Four notches are neatly made on the high bottom, and the glaze is applied to the bottom, leaving a grain of sand on the installation surface.
Although it is a deep tea bowl, the beautiful potter's wheel marks remain when you look into it, making it a bowl that you can enjoy visually even without inlays.
Because the celadon glaze is fired with a slight oxidation effect, it has a yellowish tinge, and together with the soil that has come out from the intrusions over time, it has a very tasteful appearance.

There is no conspicuous flaws.Although the luster of the surface has faded, it has a nice atmosphere that gives you a sense of the times

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