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Goryeo Black Glazed Jarlet with White Clay Design

Goryeo Black Glazed Jarlet with White Clay Design

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Period : Goryeo Dynasty,Korea(918 - 1392)

Size : H8cm W8.4cm

A small black glazed vase made during the Goryeo period.
The plate mouth and bulging round body lead smoothly to a slightly higher platform.
The entire body is coated with iron mud, flower patterns are painted from the body to the shoulders using a technique of applying white mud, and then a slightly bluish transparent glaze is applied over the top.
The white clay is drawn smoothly and boldly, and has a thickness due to the light and shade of the white mud.
The soil is rough, but carefully create a ring platform with a slightly swollen bottom.
The glaze (iron mud) is chipped due to kiln scratches and changes over time, and the skein gives it a nice old look.

There is some peeling of the glaze and iron mud on the mouth and body due to changes during firing and over time.
There is aged deterioration on the overall surface. The pattern side remains relatively glossy, and the other side is almost matte, but it has a nice atmosphere as an old item.

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