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Southern Song Dynasty Guan ware Celadon Small Meiping Vase

Southern Song Dynasty Guan ware Celadon Small Meiping Vase

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Period : Southern Song dynasty,China(1127 - 1279) / 12-13C

Size : H15.7cm W7cm

This is a celadon bottle made in the Southern Song Dynasty Guan ware.
The waist is narrow, the shape is rounded from the body to the shoulders, and the mouth narrows, giving it the name "Meiping".
This shape was invented and used as a drinking vessel in the early Northern Song Dynasty, and was given its name in the Qing Dynasty.
Most Meiping bottles are around 18cm to 25cm in height, but this one is a little smaller at about 16cm.
Small Meiping are thought to have been used as ritual sake vessels for rituals, and are considered to be highly valuable precisely because they are small.
As it is a ritual vessel from the Southern Song Dynasty official kiln, the thickness of the womb is uniform, the bottom is very thin and sharp, and it is very detailed with no distortion.
The entire piece is carefully coated with a thick grayish green-blue glaze, all the way to the inside of the bottom.
Beautiful granularity and crisp crackle-glazed detail.
Compared to other Meiping, it has a distinctive long mouth and a slim impression, and the color of the glaze gives it a very baptized atmosphere.
It is a mysterious item that was made as a ritual vessel, and it is a masterpiece that stands out not only as a sake vessel but also as a flower vase.

There is no conspicuous flaws.It has good luster throughout and is in good condition.

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