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Goryeo Dynasty Celadon Bowl with Inlaid "Jangheung-go" Design

Goryeo Dynasty Celadon Bowl with Inlaid "Jangheung-go" Design

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Period : Goryeo Dynasty,Korea(918 - 1392)

Size : H10.1 W16.8cm

A rare celadon pot made in the late Goryeo period.
The entire interior and exterior, except the bottom, are inlaid with stamps.
The inside has a butterfly pattern, and the outside has a renju pattern, a chrysanthemum pattern, and a flower pattern.
The outer surface has a chrysanthemum pattern from the bottom, a renju pattern, and a thunder pattern on the edge.
What is noteworthy is that it is written in Chinese characters "長興庫納金山".
The 長興庫(Jangheung-go) Repository is a national institution located in southern Korea, such as Gyeongsang Province, that stores cloth and paper, and has been inscribed on ceramics used in government to prevent them from being stolen.
金山(Jinshan) is a place name and is thought to indicate that the items made in this area were stored here.
In Japan, inlays with inscriptions like this are said to have been prized as objects from the Goryeo Dynasty and for honored guests.
It is a very carefully crafted piece, with a well-shaped vessel that becomes thinner from the bottom to the rim, and slightly curves at the rim.

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