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Joseon Dynasty Bunwon Ware Blue and White Porcelain Bottle with Chinese character Design

Joseon Dynasty Bunwon Ware Blue and White Porcelain Bottle with Chinese character Design

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Period : Late Joseon Dynasty(1392 - 1897),Korea

Size : H13.7cm W9.4cm

Blue and White vase made in the late Joseon Dynasty.
During the Joseon dynasty, white porcelain was produced only in official kilns, and there was Bunwon kiln among the official kilns that produced ceramics used in the dynasty.
The white porcelain made there came to be called "Bunwon Ware".
Made of the finest white porcelain, it is firm, thick and heavy.
The rim is made even and slightly bulges outward.
A slightly bluish translucent glaze is applied to the entire body, and the Chinese characters for “Kotobuki” and flower patterns are drawn on the body.
The pattern of this item is rich in gosu, and the solid lines of the kanji and flower patterns are dark blue, and the inside is colored in light blue.
The indigo pigment “Gosu” used for the blue and white porcelain was a valuable item that had to be imported from China.
It is very rare for Gosu to be used in such a lavish manner.
By drawing a single line on the side of the foot, it gives a straight line impression in the roundness, giving it a dignified quality.
It is very rare to see the Chinese character for “Kotobuki” in the branch temples where flowers and animals are often drawn, making it a very valuable item.
Kotobuki character means "long years until old age" in China, the birthplace of Chinese characters, and is considered to be the best and joyful character.

There is no conspicuous flaws.There is a small aged deterioration on the surface, but overall it is luster and in good condition.

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