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Goryeo Celadon Dish with Inlaid Chinese Zodiac Design

Goryeo Celadon Dish with Inlaid Chinese Zodiac Design

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Period : Goryeo Dynasty,Korea(918 - 1392) / 13-14C

Size : H2.8cm W14.3cm

A celadon plate made in Goryeo.
The kanji "己巳" is applied on the front with black inlaid.
This "己巳" expresses the year by combining 10 numerals and 12 zodiac signs, and the cycle is 60 years from that combination.
This item dates from the end of the Goryeo dynasty, and it is believed that it was made in either 1269 or  1329 or 1389, as it corresponds to '己巳' at that time.
The shape of the vessel is a slightly deep dish, and the mouth of the lozenge is bent, and the front is uneven.
In the center of the front, a double circular line is engraved.
The outer surface is divided into 8 sections with line carving, each of which has a black and white inlay chrysanthemum pattern, and it is very luxurious to decorate even where you can not see it.
A nail mark is left on the bottom, and the whole is covered with a beautiful gray-blue-green glaze.
Inlays engraved with kanji are rare and valuable items.

There is no conspicuous flaws.It has good luster throughout and is in good condition.

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