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Goryeo Dynasty Buncheong Ware Flat Jar with Lotus Design

Goryeo Dynasty Buncheong Ware Flat Jar with Lotus Design

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Period : Goryeo Dynasty,Korea(918 - 1392)

Size : H11.8cm W10.4cm

A flat jar of Buncheong made around Gyeryong in the late Goryeo period.
These jar have a flat body, and the most popular ones are those from the Goryeo and Joseon dynasties of the Korean Peninsula, such as this one.
There are various types of flat jar, but those that look oval when viewed from above, such as this one, are formed by beating or crushing them.
The mouth is small, and the round shape of the flat jar with four legs creates a very elegant impression.
White mud is applied to the dark brown soil, and the white mud is scraped to create a pattern.
A transparent glaze is applied from above except for the foot area.
This type of ware with bold patterns carved on a large surface originated in the Cizhou kilns of the Song dynasty in China, and was introduced to Goryeo during the same period.
During the Joseon Dynasty, patterns were often drawn with thin lines.
A large lotus flower is drawn on the body, and a wave pattern is drawn on the side to balance it.
From its pattern and small size, it is thought that it was used by noble women to decorate flowers.
It is a very rare item with few remains.

There is no conspicuous flaws.It has good luster throughout and is in good condition.

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