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Longquan Celadon Basin with Three Legs and Studs Design

Longquan Celadon Basin with Three Legs and Studs Design

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Period : Uncertain / Southern Song dynasty,China(1127 - 1279) - Ming Dynasty,China(1368 - 1644)

Size : H8.1cm W16.5cm

A celadon basin made in the Longquan kiln.
It extends upward from the bottom to swell slightly outward, and the rim is board-shaped and is turned inward.
It has three legs, but this is just a decoration, and the bottom is actually grounded.
A shape with both bottom and legs like this is often seen in bowls and furnaces at Longquan ware.
The top and bottom are bordered in strips and decorated like tacks.
While many of these rivets are simple hemispherical shapes, they have a twisted flower shape and are very detailed.
In addition, while such decorations are often made with an even number that is easy to make, this item has nine odd numbers, which is unusual, and it is thought that this was matched to the balance of three legs.
In China, especially in the Song dynasty, there are many even-numbered ones, so it is thought that this was made after the Yuan dynasty.
It is considered to be a Longquan ware from the Yuan dynasty or later, but the celadon glaze has a strong blue color and is similar to Kinuta celadon from the Southern Song Dynasty.
As a feature of Longquan ware, due to the uneven temperature inside the kiln, several white streaks appear on the glaze surface.
The celadon glaze is firmly applied to the dry white soil, and the surface is clear with fine grains gathered without any intrusion.
It is a beautiful celadon porcelain whose rims and decorative rims are white and transparent depending on the shading.

There is no conspicuous flaws.It has good luster throughout and is in good condition.

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