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Southern Song Dynasty Longquan Celadon Censer with Animal Handle and Legs

Southern Song Dynasty Longquan Celadon Censer with Animal Handle and Legs

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Period : 中国南宋(1127年 - 1279年)

Size : H9.9cm W14.5cm

A celadon incense burner made in the Longquan kiln in the Southern Song dynasty.
It has three legs and two ears, modeled after the tripod, an ancient Chinese bronze ware.
In ancient China, it was used as an earthenware vessel for boiling meat and fish, and as a ritual vessel for boiling sacrificial meat when worshiping the gods.
In particular, finely crafted bronze ware became a symbol of power, such as that of the monarch of a nation.
After that, bronze tripods were no longer used for festivals, but in Buddhism, which was introduced in the Han dynasty, they were incorporated into the style of incense burners for Buddhist altars, and they began to be used as ceremonial vessels in a different form.
When making a ceramic incense burner, the shape is used as a reference, but the size is considerably reduced and the decoration is simplified.
This incense burner has many decorations among them, and the pair of ears and legs are modeled after the shape of a beast, so you can clearly see the expression.
A clear blue-green glaze, which is characteristic of Longquan kiln, is thickly applied to the entire pot except for the bottom.

There is no conspicuous flaws.There is a small aged deterioration on the surface, but overall it is luster and in good condition.There is some coloring.

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