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Qing Dynasty Ge-type ware Tea Bowl with Flower Shaped

Qing Dynasty Ge-type ware Tea Bowl with Flower Shaped

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Period : Qing Dynasty,China(1616 - 1912)

Size : H6.3cm W13.4cm

This is a Ge ware tea bowl that was made in the Qing dynasty.
The Ge ware is said to have been one of the five major kilns of the Song Dynasty and was a celadon kiln, but the details remain a mystery, and there are very few remains of the Song Dynasty in particular.
In Japan, the only information available is that the Ge kiln was in the Southern Song dynasty, but ceramics similar to the Ge kiln were also made in the Ming and Qing dynasties after that.
However, it is thought that there was another kiln for firing the same type of ceramics, rather than the Ge ware itself remaining.
In fact, the Qing dynasty reproduced the five major kilns of the Song dynasty, and at that time, the Ge ware was also reproduced.
Therefore, the word "Ge ware" is also used in the sense of Ge-type ware.

Ge ware looks like white porcelain because of the white glaze, but it is classified as celadon porcelain with a gray-blue glaze that contains almost no green.
This piece, which is thought to have been made in the Qing dynasty, has a conspicuous whiteness, but the most distinctive feature of Ge ware is the devitrifying glaze, which is large and intrusive throughout.
The usual kaninyu is a black or brown color that emerges from the body soil, but the kaninyu of this product is red with red powder rubbed in, which is a very rare design.
The shape of the vessel is a bowl with a flower mouth, and not only the rim of the mouth, but the entire bowl is in the shape of five deeply carved petals.
From the body to the rim of the mouth, it rises slightly vertically, and the rounded vessel fits securely in the hand.
The teapot has grooves around it, and the center is slightly raised, making it finely crafted.
The bottom is carefully made with a uniform thickness and is glazed all the way to the back, with the signature of the Qing dynasty stamped on it.

There is no conspicuous flaws.It has good luster throughout and is in good condition.

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