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Qing Dynasty Jarlet with Li Taiba Shaped

Qing Dynasty Jarlet with Li Taiba Shaped

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Period : Qing Dynasty,China(1616 - 1912)

Size : H7.4cm W9.5cm

A Jarlet made in the Qing dynasty with a kiln-changing glaze.
It imitates the shape of the alcole Jarlet that "Li Taibai", a Chinese poet and a lover of sake, carried around.
It has a small mouth, a short neck, gently sloping shoulders, and an abdomen that gradually expands into a hemispherical shape with a flat, shallow bottom.
Li Taibai shaped is a representative vessel shape of Kangxi Kiln.
The entire surface is covered with glaze that develops purple, light blue, and white colors, but this is due to discoloration of the glaze during the firing process.
It is called kiln transformation glaze because it causes kiln transformation phenomena due to oxidation or reduction in the kiln.
There were occasional kiln-changing glazes in the Tang and Ming dynasties, but they were considered ominous and malformed and destroyed.
After the Qing Dynasty, the understanding of glaze deepened, and it came to be recognized as beautiful like clouds in spring, raging seas, and galloping horses.
Especially during the Yongzheng and Qianlong periods, it was considered auspicious and was specially produced.
Qing dynasty porcelain glazed porcelain is a very rare product that can be said to be a joint product of heaven and human power.
The bottom is glazed with white glaze, and the glaze that is different from the body is also characteristic of this era.

There are chips on the bottom, but it is considered to be from the old days.It has good luster throughout and is in good condition.

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