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Southern Song Dynasty Guan Ware Celadon Bottle

Southern Song Dynasty Guan Ware Celadon Bottle

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Period : Southern Song dynasty,China(1127 - 1279)

Size : H14.9cm W9.8cm

Celadon porcelain made in the official kiln of the Southern Song dynasty.
The bottom is raised and eversion, and the torso is rounded and inflated. The trumpet-shaped mouth widens upwards.
With a shape that imitates ancient bronze ware, it was used as a drinking vessel for rituals.
A celadon glaze from a government kiln with a strong green color is applied to the soil, which contains a lot of iron.
A large penetration enters the whole, and the iron contained in the soil is oozing out.

There is no conspicuous flaws.Although the surface is slightly aged, it has a good luster.

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