[Up to 20% OFF] 2024 Summer Sale

SANKA Antique will be holding a summer sale for about two weeks in June.

All products are eligible for the sale, with a minimum discount of 5% and a maximum discount of 20%.

We don't often hold sales at our store, but we have recently seen a lot of people get to know our store, so we decided to hold this sale so that people can get to know our products.

Whether you have been considering purchasing from us for a while or have recently become aware of SANKA, please take advantage of this opportunity to make your purchases affordable.

All items are one-of-a-kind, so please be careful not to sell out.

<Sale details>

- 5% to 20% off all products listed

- Period: From 20:00 on June 7, 2024 to 23:59 on June 16, 2024 (Japan time)

- Cannot be used in conjunction with other coupons.

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